The challenge: Write an AU for any fandom using no more than 5,000 words


<aside> 🍍 EVENT UPDATES The documentation is updated for 2024! Sign-ups will open in June, but you can get started at any time.


The 5k began as an off-season complement to a big bang. Between rounds, we wanted to keep our writers engaged without the strain of a 20k minimum. That bang centered around tropes, so we challenged the writers to create compact AUs.

The original Mid-Winter 5k ran for two rounds and went on hiatus along with its parent bang. In 2020, I reached out to my co-mod for her blessing to evolve the event into an all-fandoms format.

The 2024 round will be our fifth!

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authors: 28

words: 143,163


authors: 43

words: 181,785


authors: 63

words: 267,534


authors: 80 words: 314,158


authors: ? words: ?

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2024 Schedule

June 1: Sign-ups open

July 7: 30-second check-in

August 1: Posting opens 🍍

August 31: Last day to post!

September 1: We all take a nap 😴

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Eligibility: The 5k is open to writers who are 14 & up. Writers of all experience levels are welcome!